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History Of GRC Paintball

Back in the Spring of 1993, GRC Paintball was started by Rob Cole. Just 5 years earlier, Rob’s father, Glen, had purchased 3 paintball guns for the family to play with. Little did Glen know, that would be the start of it all!

Rob and Glen were hooked immediately and soon after had created a playing field behind Glen’s house. Every Sunday there would be anywhere from 10 to 20 people that would come and play. Players were always carrying the latest pump gun and sporting shop style safety goggles. As the sport evolved, so did Rob’s desire to create a commercial playing field for him, his friends and the community. They just needed more targets to shoot at! Rob then purchased a piece of property in Angelica where GRC is currently located and started putting his own field together.


At first, Rob had no idea what to do with the open field, because all the paintballers wanted to play woodsball. Soon after purchasing the field he saw a picture of a Speedball field in California and knew it was the wave of the future. That next day Rob purchased a truckload of plywood and created the Old Pyramid Field. Soon after, Rob took on Glen as a partner.


Together they built GRC into what it is today…One of the World’s Greatest Paintball Fields!

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